About Steve Pipps

In a rare moment of self-indulgence, I took this photo, pretending to be a model. I am not.

What I am is a writer. For the past six years I have honed my craft, working first in editorial before transitioning to writing for the screen. My first foray into writing began at a small blog/boutique magazine, SHK (Seen. Heard. Known.) where I flexed my, at that time, limited writing skills in pop culture blog posts. My tenure there ended with a feature interview in the print magazine.

I jumped around the country, NY to LA to Chicago, before I began working as an editor for, a now defunct website… a staggering feat considering the obvious URL. As editor for the football side of Big 12 Conference, I wrote weekly articles and features while corralling, critiquing, and teaching the writers under me. I left to pursue writing for the screen at Chapman University and unfortunately, the website faltered after my departure. Despite my hubris telling me so, it’s failing had nothing to do with my leaving.

In sunny Orange County, CA I transitioned to screenwriting. Under the tutelage of Academy Award winners, and others who dearly wished they could include themselves in that group, I wrote numerous scripts that have received accolades from multiple contests and festivals including Final Draft’s Big Break and the Austin Film Festival. While working in management and now production/development for Howie Mandel, I continue to write to one day become not a bitter screenwriting professor who never won an Oscar, but of course an Oscar winning professor who is bitter for other reasons.